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A gorgeous pastel lilac variety of Hyacinth with a sweet delicate fragrance. Dreamy, airy and whimsical.

Especially great for those who adore Hyacinths but find the fragrance overpowering- this beautiful bunch is lighter and softer on the nose than most other varieties!

This is a bouquet of 25 stems, and look stunning when paired with our tornado vase. They will arrive mostly in bud, so you can watch them bloom at home.

Top Tip: Hyacinth is a very long lasting spring flower, they will tend to grow tall over time so it's recomended to keep them trim every few days to prevent them doubling over on their own weighty heads!

Hyacinth Pastelle

PriceFrom £54.00
  • Please allow 2-4 days for your order to be completed.

    If you have an urgent order, please contact me by phone or email.

    Occassionally flowers may differ in exact variety or colour compared to the photos due to what is best available in season at the time, so please allow for some differences and do bare this in mind when ordering- particularly for mixed flower bouquets.

    Our flowers are never stored on hand: they are always obtained after  an order is placed to ensure freshly cut blooms. This sometimes means little more time is needed to source particular varieties.

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