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Not sure what to gift a loved one? Or perhaps they're a flower lover, even better! Want to let someone know you are there for them, or thinking of them? This is the perfect gift to give; it's personal, heartfelt, and provides your loved one with something to look forward to each week.

Every week a stunning fresh bouquet will be delivered to your door. You may choose which month you would like the deliveries to commense, but is subject to availablity, othwise it will begin two weeks after the purchase date and run for 4 weeks total.

The perfect pick me up to brighten up your home. A beautiful bunch of flowers is not just a treat for the eyes, but a slice of self-care! Did you know, being around flowers are proven to help alleviate stress and anxiety? 

Deliveries will be made every Wednesday, usually between 1-5pm. For early morning or evening deliveries, an additional charge applies. Occassionally the delivery day may change depending on external factors.

Each bouquet will be different from the one before. With a Hemlock & Ivy subcription, there will always be something new and refreshing to look forward to. If you've ever had a flower subcription elsewhere before- then you'll know what I mean when I say "please no more lilies for the third week in a row!" 

There are 3 sizes to choose from Regular, Large and Extra Large. All subscription flowers are delivered free of charge.

I make all my bouquets with the utmost love and attention, and that also means forever chosing a new selection of interesting flowers to be enjoyed. Not just repeating orders to get things done quickly. I do things properly. 

Your bouquet will be luxuriously wrapped in recyclable paper (no plastic here!), tied with some lashings of premium ribbon and placed in a lovely gift bag.

This is a 1 month supply of flowers, paid in total upfront, delivered once a week. A total of 4 bouquets. Once the month is over, the subscription will be complete. This is not a renewing service, and no further payments will be taken.

Please note: This is only available for London addresses.

Gift - 1 month of Flowers

PriceFrom £145.00
Price Options
Monthly Flowers
£145.00every month until canceled
  • Upon receiving, cut the bottom tip off stems at a 45 degree angle and place in fresh water. (If you choose to use flower food, add it at this point and leave for 2-3 days before replacing with fresh water). Every 2 days replace water and re-cut 2cm off the ends to keep the stems fresh and drinking water efficiently.

     Keep flowers away from draughts and sources of heat like radiators or direct sunlight. Top Tip- It is also advisable to keep your blooms away from fresh fruits, like bananas. Certain ripening fruits produce large amounts of ethylene gas which will cause the aging of flowers to speed up!

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