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A choice of 4 different sizes/complexities. 

We will match your cake flowers to the style and colour theme- or you can have it match the same flowers that are in your bouquet.

The first option is for a basic flourish on the cake, just a few flowers. Cute and simple. 

The second option is for a more classic floral touch, consisting of: 1-3 types of flowers. This is suitable for 1-3 teir cakes.

The third option will be for those who want a bit more variety or more exclusive flowers: 4-6 types of flowers. Suitable for 3-6 teir cakes.

The fourth will be for particularly extravogant designs, or for exceptionally large cakes.

If you do not need an entire wedding package, feel free to make your own bespoke bundle out of the Add On items.

Cake Flowers

PriceFrom £10.00
  • Cancelations on Wedding Packages
    If you change your plans, no problem. These things are to be expected when organising a wedding and the more simple and stress free I can make it for you, the better! 

    I will accept cancelations up to 5 weeks before the wedding date. There will be a 10% charge on the total cost- I make zero profit from this- the charge simply covers any chargeback fees that will be issued by my transaction providers. You will receive a 90% refund.
    For emergency cancelations sooner than 5 weeks before the date there will incur a 50% charge. This is because I secure all your flowers with my various suppliers a month before the wedding date to ensure I get everything needed for the special day. You will receive a 50% refund.

    If you wish to change the booking date of your wedding you may do so free of charge up to 5 weeks before the original date. But please note the new date you choose may be unavaible and already booked up.


  • For Add On only orders Delivery is not included in the price (collection is always free of charge). If you need your items delivered please contact me for a delivery quote (price will vary depending on your order, for example; if you are only ordering a bridal bouquet and a flower crown, the delivery will be charged around the £6 mark, but if you are ordering a flower arch plus a number of arrangments then the delivery will be higher. 

    For Wedding Packages
    Delivery charges to London are inclusive in the price.

    The flowers for the venue, will be set up in the early morning before guests arrive. 

    The flowers for the bridal party (including the bride's bouquet) will be delivered to the bride's house or the address of your chosing. 

    Equally the flowers for the groom's party will be delivered to the groom's house, or a chosen address.

    Any spesific requirements can be discussed with me and we can arrange things to work with your plans if you have different ideas.

    For no-fuss small weddings or registrations only you can choose to have your blooms delivered to the venue/delivered to your house/collected. 

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